Seattle started as a small western seaport and has grown into a bustling metropolis. Yet Seattle retains all the things that made it great. It lays between the deep blue waters of Puget Sound and the sparkling fresh water Majestic Lake Washington. The town is choked with trees and crowned by hills. And all of this lays in a basin between the Olympic mountains and their central washington cousins the Cascade Mountains.

Fifth Avenue Court is located right in the heart of the Emerald City, on the monorail line that travels from Seattle's Downtown shopping center to the Space Needle,Seattle Pacific Science Center and Experience Music Project.

The area is home to major industries like Boeing, Weyerhauser, Microsoft and And speaking of technology, Seattle was the birthplace of this thriving industrial revolution. But these giants are supported by a thousand innovative companies and tens of thousands of others that make the place a fine place to work.

For visitors there are too many attractions to count. Worldwide, the Space Needle is known and admired. It was built in the early 1960's when Seattle hosted a world fair from which a great many innovations sprung. It was the spring board that catapulted Seattle into the maintream of world wide commerce.

On the waterfront folks can ride the state ferries, or a string of sight-seeing boats. Major cruise line carriers jump off from here to tour the majestic British Columbia and Alaksa coast lines.

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